Birkenstock Footbed

Birkenstock developed and created the world's first flexible deep cork footbed. Only premium raw materials are used for the Original Birkenstock Footbed: light natural cork, the finest jute yarn and premium quality natural latex.

These select materials play a major role in providing the one-of-a-kind comfort and pain-relieving properties of Birkenstock shoes. 

Our feet bear more strain and stress in a lifetime than most people recognize. Their lifelong "heavy-duty task" is to keep the body in balance, cushion shocks and carry the whole weight of the body.  Knowing this, every person should make it a priority to keep his or her feet fit and properly supported.
The shape of the Original Birkenstock-Footbed enables the body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot, providing it with the best support. Neglecting our feet, on the other hand can be a costly health error and the road to lots of pain.

Characteristics of the Footbed

  1. Provides excellent support to the feet
  2. Is made of high quality and natural materials.
  3. Has a deep heel cup which is healthy for the spine and provides stability.
  4. Has cushioned (shock-absorbing) insole.
  5. Has a flexible and lightweight footbed.
  6. Features more toe room which enhances natural walking action.

Before you head out to the nearest Birkenstock shop and buy your sandals or clogs, make sure to get the right size for your feet by using our size conversion table.

The Birkenstock footbed is also found in its allied brands - Birki’s and  Papillio sandals.