About Us

German-recognized: Comfort Sole Philippines Inc.

Comfort Sole, is your German-recognized franchise of Birkenstock Classic®
Birkenstock Professional® Birkenstock Kids®  and its sister brands: Birki's® and Papillio® in the Philippines. To date, it has nine Birkenstock Stores in Metro Manila - Dedicated to caring for (including relieving pain) what are still the best-engineered and ever-will be God-given form of human transport, our feet, they bring the top from the West- Birkenstock and its sister brands, to you!

Birkenstock History

In 1774, Johann Adam Birkenstock is documented in the church archives of the parish of Langen-Bergheim/Hessen in Germany as “shoemaker and subject”.

Thus began the alsmost-240-year history of Birkenstock footwear.

The Birkenstock Footbed

In 1896, Konrad Birkenstock created and produced that which made Birkenstocks leader in foot comfort and pain relief,  and health – the flexible footbed insoles. Over the years, Birkenstock continued to advance and develop perfect insoles that would better fit the foot and keep it comfortable.

In 1947, Karl Birkentock manufactured footwear having in mind the “natural walk”. The footwear’s design was based on the shape and function of the human foot.

Hereafter, keeping Birkentock’s determination towards foot comfort and health, Birkenstock footwear have been created starting with an orthopaedically- based footbed.

The Sister Brands

Birkenstock enlarged its line to cater to a wider range of market- the young and old, those with a sense of popular fashion and professionals in traditional and emerging specialty fields. Hence the creation of its sister brands – Birki’s and Papillio.

Today, Birkenstock®, Birki’s® and Papillio® clogs, sandals, shoes and accessories are marketed in the world's four corners. Top in its class for gold standard orthopaedically-correct footwear appropriate and interchangeable for casual use and/or specialty fields such as the culinary, medical and manufacturing trades. Birkenstock® is steadfast in its eco-care campaign.